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Q-Chemfood was organized to supply basic ingredients and raw materials for different manufacturing processes. It is also engaged in the export of Philippine made products.

Through a concentrated effort and determined purpose, Q-Chemfood intends to give its clients the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. It places quality client service, professionalism and product specialization as its key priorities.

Q-Chemfood has been formed along an international channeling system with dedicated support affiliates of relevant skills and experience. Together with its local and foreign counterparts, Q-Chemfood assures prompt and adequate supply of raw materials to any major port in the Philippines, as well as quality Philippine made products to the world.

Complementing the company's present activities and operations, Q-Chemfood hopes to include further extension of its products and services throughout Asia and the Pacific region. You may reach                   Q-Chemfood at [email protected] .



About Us


Beyond its less than a decade existence in the industry, Q-Chemfood has been expanding and integrating with bigger conglomerates worldwide to fulfill its ambition of global excellence. It is committed to quality products, and also treasures the cooperation of its foreign counterparts whom it can trust as its dedicated and skilled teammates whose core competence lies in making good and consistent quality products.


Thanks to globalization, rapid advances in technology, and increasingly competitive business environment, quality has achieved prime importance in the manufacturing process of these manufacturing partners, because they feel that the only way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty is by delivering goods of utmost quality.


Q-Chemfood, as trading partner, finds the best ways to continuously provide its clients with the right products of consistent quality and competitive prices.


  • 107 Banaba Road, Santarosa Village, Ayala Technopark, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
  • 4026
  • 650-3157000
  • 632-8249808
  • ESQuiboloy/E.Joyce (CEO/VP Intl Trade)
  • 632-8249808

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